Laparoscopic Urology

Traditionally till 25 years back, many urological procedures were being done by open incision. It involved large incisions on the abdomen/back which has many disadvantages. Since first laparoscopic nephrectomy (kidney removal ) done in 1991, many such surgeries are being done laparoscopically.

The benefits to the patient are tremendous, in the form of markedly reduced pain, avoidance of abdominal incisions and faster return to normal activity. Laparoscopic urological procedures performed include laparoscopic kidney removal (nephrectomy), laparoscopic kidney cancer removal (radical nephrectomy) laparoscopic pelviureteric junction obstruction correction (pyeloplastsy), to name a few. It requires a different skill sets as compared to other endoscopic surgeries. Dr Valsangkar has taken dedicated training in this kind of surgeries for 3 years in Ahmedabad.

Laparoscopic kidney removal (nephrectomy) done by Dr. Valsangkar through a small skin incision on abdomen