Welcome to EndoLap Urology Clinic.

Urology is a surgical superspeciality that deals with diseases of kidney, urinary bladder, prostate and genital system. EndoLap Urology Clinic is an endeavour by Dr Rohan Satish Valsangkar who is a urologist by training. After completing MS ( Gen Surgery) he has worked for 8 years in various centres of excellence in the field urology in India before settling down in Pune as a consultant urologist. He has accumulated extensive experience in the treatment of diseases like kidney stones, prostate diseases, urological cancers etc. and especially in the endoscopic (laser) and laparoscopic surgeries for these diseases.

EndoLap Urology Clinic


Ground Floor Building no 7, Lokmanya Nagar, Opp, Senadatta Police Signal, LB Shastri Road, Pune-411030

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Morning (by appointment only),
Evening 6-8 pm